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Connect with Beauty Parlours, Hairstylists, Nail Bars and Wellness Centres.

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Cosmetics are substances or products used to enhance or alter the appearance of the face or fragrance and texture of the body.

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Hairdressing as an occupation dates back thousands of years. Ancient art drawings and paintings have been discovered.

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A barber is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave men’s and boys’ hair.

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Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows.

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Aromatherapy uses aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving.

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Eye shadow is a pigmented powder/cream or substance used to accentuate the eye area, traditionally on, above, and under the eyelids. Many colours may be used at once and blended together to create different effects using a blending brush.

Bronzer gives skin a bit of color and contours the face for a sharper definition or creates a tan-look. Bronzer is considered to be more of a natural look and can be used for everyday wear. Bronzer enhances the color of the face. It comes in either matte, semi-matte/satin, or shimmer finishes.

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